Our mission is to make, mature, mobilize followers of Christ [Matt 28:19 – 20]

Our obedience to the Great Commission of Jesus (Matthew 28.19) is expressed in the Mission of the church to makemature and mobilize followers of Jesus Christ.

• In making, the Church seeks to provide the opportunity for all in its sphere of influence, but especially those from the city and surrounding area of Lagos, to know God through faith in Christ Jesus.

• In maturing, we want those who come in faith to mature and be lifelong disciples of Christ, reflecting increased Christlikeness conduct and understanding.

• In mobilizing, we want disciples of Jesus to be released into their gifts and calling and engage our community and world with the Gospel of Jesus.


Taiye Michael Arimoro

Taiye Michael Arimoro


Taiye Micheal Arimoro is the senior pastor of Crown Bible Church in Lagos, Nigeria. Born in Kontangora, Niger State-Nigeria, he holds a B.Sc. in Engineering. He trained under the word of faith ministry for 17 years where he obtained a Diploma and Bachelors in Theology, with an accredited certificate in Leadership from the Haggai Leadership Training Institute, Singapore.

A servant of Jesus, zealous for the truth of the gospel since his reformation, brother Taiye strives to encourage and partake in the equipping of the Church through his dedication to service.

Brother Taiye and his wife, sister Toun both live in Lagos with their lovely teenage children, Tobi and Toba.

Phone: + 234 809 384 4380
Mobile: + 234 705 680 2025
E-mail: taiye@crownreformedassembly.org

Enyinna Okorafor

Enyinna Okorafor


Enyinna Okorafor was born Into a Methodist family and trained as an Agric Engineer. In August 1996 he encountered the irresistible grace and mercy of God in Christ Jesus and became born again. He served in pastoral support for several years. It was only in 2002 during a visit to Los Angeles that he discovered the Reformed doctrine, while attending Arcadia Bible Church. Since then it has been a steady upward journey of love for biblical preaching, love for the Christ of the Bible and love for His people.

Enyinna is the assisting pastor at Crown Bible Church. He works in the Real Estate industry, and lives in Lagos with Kate, his wife of 16 years and their spirited 5-year old darling daughter, Kelechi.

Phone: + 234 810 155 9585
Mobile: + 234 705 170 3639
E-mail: enyinna@crownreformedassembly.org

Our Story

How We Got Started

Crown Reformed Assembly (aka Crown Bible Church) started in the year 2001 under the leadership of Yomi Adegboye. We started out as a small assembly, fully steeped in the Pentecostal / Word Of Faith Movement for several years during which we have changed our identity multiple times.

God in his sovereign mercy began bringing to light the discrepancies within the word of faith doctrine to the presbytery at the time which led to a public recant of all previous teachings from the pulpit and a deep thirst for the true interpretation of scripture.

God in his sovereign mercy would further see us through multiple storms over the course of the years opening our eyes to the true gospel embodied in sacred scripture and beautifully explained via the doctrine of the reformers.

Today Crown Bible Church is still a small church with our LORD JESUS as the head and pastor Taiye Arimoro and Pastor Enyinna Okorafor in charge of the presbytery

Statement of Faith

Church Handbook

How do I become a member?

To become a member, you will have to

  • Attend membership class
  • Elder/s interview
  • Congregational presentation

Is Crown a Reformed Church?